Benefits of Digital Interviewing


The advance in technology has seen the emergence of digital interviewing. This is simply a way of assessing or talking to a candidate over a tablet, computer or phone rather than having to meet face to face. There are three popular types of digital interviews, which include live video interviews, on demand interviews and collaborative desktop sharing. Even though this type of interviewing process may seem less personal, it boast of undeniable advantages. Below are some of them. Here’s a good read about online video interview, check it out!

The first advantage of digital interviewing is better recruitment experience for candidates and employers. This is simply because digital interviewing provides and efficient process for both the candidates and employer. The candidates will be able to have an idea of what the company they are seeking a job from is all about before traveling for an onsite interview. Additionally, the employer will be able to meet the candidate in a more personal way than when communication through the phone. This way, the employer is able to find out more about a candidate and utilize time effectively, which makes the whole process faster and more reliable than the face-to-face kind of interview. To gather more awesome ideas on on demand video interviewing, click here to get started.

You are also able to interview a number of people from different continents. Candidates who live far do not have to travel long distances to come for interview. When that is the case, very few candidates will b able to make it to the interview. However, with digital interviewing, candidates only need to have the right gadget, know what to day and have internet connection so that everything else falls into place. Employers will also benefit in a way that they will not risk losing creative minds because of distance issues. Therefore as an employer, you want to beat competition by taking advantage of digital interviewing.

With digital interviewing, you are able to achieve a personal touch. The initial stage of a hiring process in most organizations is to conduct a telephone interview with each potential candidate. Being able to see and talk to your prospective employee through digital interviewing will help you achieve a more personal touch which is a good thing for a start. Additionally, it will reduce the tension that is always with face to face interviews. If everything goes well during the digital interviewing process, you should be sure of succeeding during a face to face interview.

With the benefits mentioned above, you do not want to be left put as an employer who has big plan for your organization. You only need to do your homework so that you know what is expected of you during such an interview and everything else will fall into place.


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